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Puresport has studied the suitable and affordable formulation for you who are living this passion as an unique and adrenalinic moment!
You can choose the VALUE OF YOUR GIFT TODAY thanks to the advantageous offer and get 24 MONTHS to drive your dream car on your favourite racetrack!

The offer can be purchased until May 31, 2021


  1. you buy a GIFT CARD of any value
  2. you gain an extra voucher in the value of 35% of the price paid
  3. you can instantly use your voucher without any other bookings by calling or writing to


  • Get a value of 135€ every 100€ spent
  • The validity of the GIFT CARD is 24 MONTHS
  • This offer is purchasable until May 31th 2021
  • It can be spent on all PURESPORT products of FLEXIBLE and PREMIUM rates (not valid for the BEST PRICE)
  • It is more vantageous than the BEST PRICE rate and with a longer term, without any obligation to choose the date at the booking
  • The obtained voucher will be redeemed directly when you will choose the car and the circuit, without making any other order
  • The offer is not redeemable in the special promotion periods and from November 15th to December 3rd
  • It is not necessary choosing the car, the circuit or the date today, you have 24 months to do it
  • By transforming your voucher in FLEXIBLE OR PREMIUM packages you will get their characteristics automatically
  • The special offer is not refundable.

The whole PURESPORT Staff is pumped and ready to restart at FULL GAS, just leaves you!

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