Monza Italy

Monza Track Driving Experience

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Puresport is partner for the organization of events with Gt and Formula cars on the fastest racetrack in Europe and one of the fastest of the world. There is no other track as perfect as this one to thrust these powerful and luxurious cars at a speed of over 270 km/h. Its bends and straight stretches are the natural theatre to show off your driver talents. Perfect even for incentive events.

There is no other track as perfect as Monza when it comes to driving our powerful and luxurious cars at speeds of over 270 km/h. Its bends and straight stretches are the natural theatre to show off your driving skills. Perfect for singles, families, groups and incentive events.
Puresport has exclusive access to the Monza Racetrack, so get in touch and find out how we can put our professionalism and 10 years of experience to good use when organising and hosting your experience.
Monza racetrack is 5,793 metres long and is considered the fastest racetrack in Europe. Actually, Formula 1 driver Montoya managed to reach 369 km/h in 2005. Starting from the pit lane, the main straight section is 1,100 metres long. Drive in sixth gear in the Ferrari F430 F1 and you’ll reach 250 km/h – fast!
A firm brake and moving down to second gear to enter the first section, made up of sudden right/left turns. After that, back on the throttle, but pay attention not to over-steer especially with the F430 F1.
Up to fifth gear to enter Curva Biassono before braking firmly and switching back to second gear to tackle the second variant. In this section, the outstanding traction of the four-wheel drive Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche 997 Turbo will cast you forward with great force.
Third gear and head towards the Prima di Lesmo. Postpone the entrance slightly and drive through the bend towards the right whilst hitting the gas pedal, fourth gear, brake slightly and switch to third gear again to face the Seconda di Lesmo, where you will immediately steer towards the right.
Step on the gas for the slight bend to the left called Curva del Serraglio. Then fifth gear until you reach the 200 metre sign and then brake firmly at the end.
Shift down to third gear and turn left to enter the famous Variante Ascari, where you immediately shift to fourth gear and have your foot ready to hit the peddle when the track straightens.
950 metres, the second straight stretch, and you are ready to enter the parabolic curve in third gear, shift to fourth and get ready to face the second lap passing on the main straight stretch.


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