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Technical details

Track length:7,004 km

Track width:8-9 mt


Straight length:1500 m

Spa-Francorchamps Drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini and single seat in Spa-Francorchamps
  • Spa-Francorchamps

Our Spa-Francorchamps Track Experience

Since 1985, Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps hosts the F1 Belgian Grand Prix. A 7004 meters legendary racetrack, it is the longest one in the Formula 1 world championship. Its fame goes beyond the imaginary, and it deserves the unofficial status of “the world’s best circuit”. Every driver in the world wishes to drive in SPA and to face most incredible curves that exists: Eau Rouge and Raidillon. A real jewel constantly adapted to the most recent FIA safety standards. An unmissable stage for drivers and enthusiasts, a place which is motorsport’s symbol.


Only Exclusive racetracks
Never more than 12 cars on the racetrack. If not, we will refund the cost of your experience.
Exclusive racetracks involves higher costs than Track Days, but driving in a controlled, non-cluttered environment is priceless, as well as safety.

Hotels we recommend

Please contact us to get information on suggested hotels near Spa-Francorchamps

For special offers and discounts, let them know you are a Puresport customer.


The arrival time at the track will be sent to the client about 10 days before the event; in the same mailing, we also list the documents required to attend the track day for acceptance and signature.


The gt experience lasts about 2/3 hours, including accreditation of the participants, initial briefing, installation lap on a shuttle, laps as per booked program and driving certificates. The formula experience lasts the entire day (light lunch included) The formula car experience lasts the whole day (light lunch included)


If you choose "onboard camera car" service, video will be sent to your email address with a download link around 2 weeks after attending your experience.

SpaFrancorchamps video SpaFrancorchamps video Puresport video

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