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  • Single-seater cars, Puresport driving classes

Puresport gives the chance to drive, totally safely, a real Formula 1 car.
The driving school is very selective and demanding: the available cars are a Formula 1, built by Team Arrows, Formula Nissan and Formula3 made by Dallara, world racing car manufacturer leader. These cars all meet the high safety, reliability and performance standards.

With Puresport you will be able to drive the Arrows A18 F1 car, previously realized for Damon Hill, a car that belongs to the highest racing cars category.

Otherwise you can also take part to the driving course with the Formula Nissan 3000 a single-seater with an F1 Dallara chassis, gearbox with paddle shift at the wheel with 6 gears, an engine able to release 420 HP and reach a maximum speed pf 295 km/h. Nissan 3000 is a very fast car, with a great grip aand a a ground effect that guarantees very high performances, a valid altrnative to F1, for both reasons, price and pleasure to drive it.

Puresport also offers entry-level courses on Formula3. La F3 è disponibile in due configurazioni da 200 e da 240 Cv, offre performance ottimali grazie alla sua aerodinamica e permette di affrontare in piena sicurezza e ad alta velocità rettilinei e varianti. F3 represents the most important automotive serie for rookies who became famous afterwards like Robert Kubica, Lewis hamilton, Sebastial Vettel and Nico Rosberg.

Thanks to Puresport you will enter the exclusive club of speed.

Feel the emotion when driving a GT car or a single-seater on a racetrack

Formula 1

Formula 1

Formula Nissan 3000

Formula 3000

Formula 1

Formula 1

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